Are You With Us?

We are close to accomplishing something special at Boeing South Carolina. On the flight line, we are moving  closer to being able to sit down with Boeing and negotiate much-needed job improvements. NOW is the time for every single individual at Boeing to join this fight. This is your chance to send a message to management that it is time for a change at BSC. It starts with signing an authorization card. If a majority of you show you’re ready this time, the IAM will file for an election.

This is what UNITY
looks like…

Boeing workers in South Carolina, Seattle, St. Louis and all over the country are joining together to demand that Boeing treat ALL of their workers with the respect they deserve. We’ve taken to wearing unity bracelets to remind managment and their anti-union laywers that we’re all in this together and won’t stop until Boeing starts honoring the legal rights of every single one of us.