BSC Workers For a Better Future

Despite our efforts in recent years, we still don't have the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement here at Boeing South Carolina. Unfortunately, that means we still don’t have any protections on the job and continue to be treated unfairly whenever management deems it is in their best interest. It is our belief that the only way to make things better is by forming a union and gaining the right to bargain with Boeing management over our wages, benefits and more. Just like in 2015, a group of us approached the Machinists Union looking to determine if there is enough support among us to pursue another election. We’ve formed a committee – BSC Workers for a Better Future - dedicated to helping determine if that interest is there. Therefore, the IAM will begin to collect authorization cards to support our efforts. If things are going to change, it is up to us to make that happen!

How We Got Here

In early 2015, we began our efforts to organize with the Machinists Union for the right to negotiate our working conditions with BSC managers. We were looking for a real voice in the workplace over the issues most important to us – like wages, hours, and working conditions. We wanted fairness to be the rule, not the exception, and to have real protections on the job. During the two years leading up to the vote, management spent millions of dollars on their anti-union effort. This made it impossible for us to have an election free from intimidation and harassment. Unfortunately, their efforts prevailed and on February 15, 2017, many workers who had expressed interest in forming a union changed their minds. For months we were bombarded with scare tactics and promises from management things would be better. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. On May 31, 2018, our co-workers on the flight line voted overwhelmingly for IAM representation. The majority of the flight line workers have been in unions and understand the value, benefits, and protections that come with collective bargaining. Sadly, Boeing used its political influence and power to strip those workers of their right to collective bargaining. That means any future attempts at BSC to form a union is everybody or nobody. Coming out of the pandemic, working people across the country are organizing like never before. They are mobilizing for a better life and gaining a better return on their work through collective bargaining. Don’t we deserve the same?